You are your first home.

“What kills a soul? Exhaustion, secret-keeping, image-management. And, what brings a soul back from the dead? Honesty, connection, grace.”
–Shauna Niequist

Hi, I’m Laurie. I teach people how to bring their souls back to life.

Growing up in a hectic household, I often called it the House of Secrets.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what we all were hiding.

I just knew it was something and I knew it felt off.

My parents had normal jobs and even my great-grandmother and grandmother lived with us.

We had pets, went to Catholic school, and on the outside, we looked like the picture-perfect family.

On the inside, it was a very different story.

Inside the House of Secrets, I felt drained and defeated.

I felt I had no voice unless it echoed the sentiments of what everybody else felt.

Walking on eggshells, tip-toeing around subjects, while feeling full of turmoil, confusion, and rage was my norm.

My version of creativity wasn’t considered and I felt anything but inspired.

Until I got my first diary at the age of 9.

I’d slip off to hide in my closet inside my bedroom where I would write for hours on all the dissonance I felt inside.

Writing in my journal, penning poetry, and creative short stories, helped me tap into the home inside me.

When I’d write, I’d feel heard and alive.

Writing became my safe haven as the conditions in my family home continued to spiral down through my teen years.

I simply thought what was happening in my home happened in all homes, so I went with it.

In order to cope, I created a tough-as-nails exterior ready to push-back defensively if anybody looked at me wrong.

Arming myself with knowledge made me feel I could win any debate.

I continuously set goal after goal---and achieved them just so I could prove my worth and feel accepted.

Underneath it all, I craved meaning, vitality, and deep truth.


Joy and self-expression.

At the age of 18, I took off for college 8 hours away from where I grew up.

My diaries and notebooks accompanied me.

Secretly I hoped that by moving away, I’d find my pseudo family and be surrounded by others who could sit with emotions, treasure feelings and offer inspiration.

At university, I changed my major several times.

Everything felt so interesting to me but I struggled with taking life-altering decisions fearing I’d make the wrong one.

Looking back, I realize a lot of that had to do with not trying to rock the boat at home.

Ultimately, I degreed in Cultural Anthropology as I longed to understand humans from a psychological, sociological, and traditional level.

Two years after completing my degree, I returned to my hometown to work as a probation officer like my father.

Working with subcultures and individuals in the justice system introduced me to the world of trauma, dysfunction, and personality disorders.

Something felt oddly familiar.

A tiny awakening happened in me regarding my own family dynamics.

So I decided to return to school and get my Master’s in Justice.

Surely another degree would give me purpose and understanding---so I told myself.

While I enjoyed my career as an officer and felt I was touching the lives of those I worked with, I couldn’t shake the toxicity of my work environment.

And getting my masters unfortunately didn’t change much.

That eggshells feeling returned.

Sometimes I’d speak up and sometimes it just felt pointless.

What I didn’t know was that stuffing my emotions + dreams at the expense of others was causing my soul to slowly wilt away and die.

I was terrified that I may never get out of the vicious cycle of adrenaline rushes and burnout.

I secretly hoped inside that one day I’d leave the rat-race, feel totally free, be 100% me and fully live out my Life Purpose.

Then one day, it happened.

I woke up.

And, life got different.

I laid my armor down.

And, I got real.

I stopped playing by the image-management rules of my family, high-powered career and culture.

In December of 2006, I resigned as a probation officer after nearly 10 years of service and opened by Life Coaching practice while simultaneously moving overseas.

Slowly, I started to allow emotions to come alive, inspiration to flow, and perfectionism to pass.

A new sense of excitement about life suddenly took over.

And, living by my core inspired feelings and values felt far more important than keeping up appearances ever did.

It wasn’t easy.

It didn’t happen overnight.

Over the next 14 years, I continued to move about to various countries including Kuwait, Angola, and The Netherlands.

All the while, I kept up in my journal noting the many radical changes I’d made.

I learned various personality typing systems, mastered in Reiki, and various forms of yoga centered me in my body and intuition.

I became my first home and through all of this deeply vulnerable work, brought my soul back to life.

And, I know you can, too.

My mission now is to guide you to make your version of happiness your set-point, inner calm your compass, and leading from soul your foundation.

My goal is to make this work easy for you---I’ve done my best to cut out the extra legwork so you don’t have to don’t have to go hunting down resources to see what works and what doesn’t.

Here, in my Classroom, you’ll find carefully crafted customized courses I’ve created in various roles I’ve worked in as a corporate trainer, Certified Life coach, Reiki master, and expat abroad.

The purpose of each course is to bring your soul back to life and ensure you’re always your first home so you can live more free, fulfilled, and centered.

You’ll start with my Higher Self Letter Writing group coaching course which makes problem- solving more solution-based, dynamic and powerful supporting you to take decisions with ease, removing remorse and regret.

Then, you’ll move to the Life Purpose Program where you’ll align deeply with why you you’re here through Customized Guided Visualizations and group coaching plus 1:1 coaching.

Finally, you learn how to write your own affirmations in my Affirmations 101 group program where you tailor make your very own affirmations along with Somatic work to anchor them in so you’ll boost confidence, soul-power and always live in alignment with your core values and core inspired feelings.

I feel grateful and honored you’re here.

This has been my life’s work and it feels exciting to bring this to you.

I look forward to meeting and connecting with you--as well as showing you the way back to making you your first home.

I can’t wait to see your soul come back to life---and I'm sure you feel the same!

Let's get you started. See you in my Classroom :D


Laurie <3

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