Why work with Life Coach Laurie?

Laurie is a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Certified Co-creative + Co-active Coach, Reiki Master and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping guide. With a Master in Criminology and Justice and a degree in Anthropology, Laurie has studied behavior and mindset for more than two decades. Laurie believes that aligning with your Core Values and your heart’s desires is the key to manifest with ease, grace and precision. In order to manifest with accuracy, Laurie has developed her signature Manifest with Heart coaching program which includes unique guided visualizations, magnetizing techniques, accountability groups, and fun mindset + somatic exercises to help you live the life of your dreams in no time.

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Group EFT Tapping Session October 2021
Manifesting Consistency, Prioritizing + Flow

Soul-Care Guided Visualization Bundle
The Soul-care Guided Visualization Bundle was designed with your optimal wellbeing in mind. Remembering you’re the source of your wellbeing and the source of your manifesting abilities is all you need to be able to manifest with ease, bliss and with precision. Visualizing—having an ongoing visualization practice—is the “secret ingredient” and main pillar of successful manifesting. Making time to get still, to tune-into your soul’s whispers and guidance, while having the opportunity to imagine freely in a quiet space, truly helps you “mentally rehearse,” see and feel “in-advance” what you want to manifest, how you ideally wish to solve problems, as well as to be able to call-forth your highest answers, highest thoughts, and highest emotions.

33.00 EUR

Guided Visualization: Problem-solving + Boundary-setting [a single]
In this guided visualization, you will be fully relaxed through guided meditation and then immediately taken into guided visualization and guided imagery with the intention of emotionally, mentally, and psychologically distancing yourself from current issues and challenges. Then, you will be taken into creative, fun, and unique ways to solve any struggles you’re facing with confidence, grace, and ease.

12.12 EUR

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