“I would highly recommend working with Laurie. I had immediate results starting with online coaching when initially I was unclear on the value of coaching. Her straight forward and insightful approach was just what I needed in eliminating my concerns with competition and gaining clarity on my unique message and offerings.”- Michelle Nightengale http://www.iahwp.org/

Laurie really “gets” what an entrepreneur is struggling with and her ability to empathize with me was much appreciated. Laurie provided me with tough, but gentle love and was able to support me in crafting my message and refocus me back to my core and the root of my passion. She got me thinking broader, looking where I hadn’t necessarily looked yet. And that’s always a good thing. Shannon Short- http://girlsgetreal.com/

Laurie amazes me with her intuitive understanding of the issues that I don’t mention. She has a way of sliding the really big questions into a coaching session so I can’t sidestep them. She is gentle, nonjudgmental and respectful, which makes it easy to talk with her and impossible to resent her. I’m finding that the coaching process can bring up loads of STUFF to deal with. If Laurie were less perceptive, I may have gotten away with keeping all of it under wraps. She has helped me realize that even things I thought I had dealt with and put neatly away are holding me back — a realization that is the first step in making progress toward my goals. Deb Sturgess-InfluentialExpression.com

“When I came on the call with Laurie I was very nervous. I wondered if my goal was just too weird. However this did not faze Laurie and together we came up with a plan on how I can achieve my goal. During the call I came to realize that my goal is not as far away as I believed. After the call I came away feeling very upbeat with a clear direction on how I can achieve my goal. I am moving to Berlin!” Alexis Gordon

“Thanks, Laurie, for helping me with a renewed vision for my business. I appreciate the way you ask questions, listen and inspire by thinking outside the box. Best of all…you helped me put it all together and made sure I left with a plan. Not only are you knowledgable and innovative, but you are encouraging and inspiring! I’m grateful for you Lifecoach Laurie!” Tammy Kniffin- http://ga-sns.com/

Larissa 2

“Laurie Knight has been instrumental in guiding my career and assisting me in finding my true passion in my profession. She has introduced me to numerous possibilities for myself and others, and her creative energy has been a refreshing aspect of my continued relationship with her. She is an incredibly strong leader from whom I continue to learn invaluable lessons about maintaining perspective, enriching lives, and living with a creative spirit. She has been an amazing advocate and mentor, and I count myself blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate and continue our teamwork. The universe could not have aligned more perfectly when I obtained the opportunity to work closely with Laurie.” Larissa Haggard -http://www.larissadawn.com/


Laurie, you helped me clear a LOT of clutter out of my head and helped me create a DO-ABLE “To Do List”, which will ensure I stay on-task and actually get things accomplished. My AH-HA moment came when you said, “Simplify whenever possible”!! That will definately become a mantra I repeat to myself over and over again. Thanks again for listening to my goals and desires and for helping me think through what is “needed now” and what can fall lower on the List. I’m excited to put our Action Plan into motion and see the results!!!- Michelle Norman BeYourGift.com


“Laurie has known of my business for quite some time and finally inspired me to take action in order to take my business seriously and create an online presence. Laurie helped me recognize there were free resources that would allow me to build my business in the early stages and it’s not as complicated as I thought. I now realize the importance of being visible online and organizing my products and services in a way that best serves myself and my customers. I now have more confidence reaching out for potential business opportunities knowing I’m making a great first impression” Shelly Pearson ShellyPearsonMassage

Laurie, thank you so much for the powerful, exciting and motivating strategy session we had together. It is amazing how much value and direction I got out of just one session with you. Identifying where I am passionate in my work and where I am not was such an eye opener. I so appreciated ending our session with definite strategic actions and suggestions that are practical and doable for me. I am looking forward to implementing them as soon as possible. Absolutely love the idea of the perfect client exercise! Sending me the recording was especially beneficial for hearing my shifts in energy, I could tell where I am disconnected from business and where I am fully engaged. I also like having the recording for future reference. Many Warm Thanks, Marion

Laurie’s a breath of fresh air. Her tips are right on point and saved me hours of research. She’s a gem!” Treysii Zamorano, ALSP Treysii.com

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